Register of Deeds Fees - Tuscola County

Fees for Copies and Recording


Copies may be obtained in person or by mail. Correct fees and document information (please use online search to obtain the liber and page) must be submitted. Submission of incorrect fees will cause a rejection of the request. All mail requests for copies need to include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

  • Copy, real estate records - $1.00 per page.
  • Copy, Fixture Filing - $1.00 per page.
  • Copy, State or Federal Tax Lien - $1.00 per page.
  • Copy, Plats of Record - $1.00 per page.
  • Certification of any of the above copies - $5.00 per document.
  • State Tax Lien search certificate - $3.00 per name.
  • Federal Tax Lien search certificate - $3.00 per name.

Fixture Filings

  • For any new Fixture Filings or amendments, assignments, continuations, partial releases, and discharges (MCL 440.9525) - $30.00.
  • For a copy of any Fixture Filing - $1.00 per page.
  • All UCC's, amendments, assignments, continuations, partial releases and terminations are filed with the Secretary of State.

Recording Fees

  • For entering and recording any deed, mortgage, lis pendens, certified copy, or other instrument: Flat fee of $30.00.
  • Any document which assigns or discharges more than one instrument (same names only), $3.00 shall be added to the recording fee for each additional liber and page so assigned or discharged.
  • Add $3.00 for each additional liber and page to be indexed/posted.
  • $4.00 of the recording fee is deposited to the Michigan State Survey & Remonumentation (MSSR) fund. (The $4.00 MSSR fee is not assessed on fixture filings, state liens, federal liens, MESC liens, state deeds, plats or tax reversion documents (MCL 600.2567a (4) ).

Tax Certificates

A tax certificate must be sent directly to the Tuscola County Treasurers office prior to recording any of the following (MCLA 211.135) :

  • Warranty Deed - Any deed which contains a covenant or warranty.
  • Land Contract - Assignment of land contract with warranty clause.
  • Master Deed for Condominium.
  • Only send said document with the Treasurer's office $5.00 certification fee. Once you receive the stamped certified document back then send all documents in the order needed to be recorded with exact recording fees to our office.
  • Any tax certification questions please contact the Tuscola County Treasurer office at 989-672-3890.
Tuscola County