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The Tuscola County Juvenile Office state consists of a Chief Probation Officer and three Intensive Probation Officers. The Court probation staff makes recommendations to provide direct supervision to wards of the court, enforces court orders, implements treatment plans, refers youth for treatment, and if ordered places and supervises wards in residential treatment facilities.

In addition to providing probation services, the Juvenile Office has alternative programs that will assist juveniles and their families.

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Intensive Probation

Tuscola County's In-Home-Care Intensive Probation Program works with adjudicated youth at risk of being placed out-of-home. The program provides "intensive" services to court wards on probation that are not responding to traditional court services. Juveniles are seen at least once a week, with school and other activities closely monitored. The goal of the program is to treat youth in the community and avoid out of home placement.

Truancy Prevention

The School Truancy/Delinquency Prevention Program is designed to provide direct services to the most behaviorally challenged, at risk students in Tuscola County. Youth targeted for the program are likely, through their non-attendance in school, to come under the jurisdiction of the courts.

This program is a joint venture between the Family Division and the Tuscola County Intermediate School District. The TCISD has been contracted to act as the fiduciary and has received funding from all area school districts, enabling the hiring of a full time prevention specialist. The Prevention Specialist provides guidance to youth and their families, attempting to improve school performance and avoid court involvement.


TCA stands for Tuscola County Academy. This program was designed for juveniles who are currently under the supervision of the Court to continue their education while either suspended or expelled from school. A specified room has been established in the Courthouse within the Juvenile Office. This room is equipped with six computers that are programmed for two secured internet programs: E2020 and Compass Learning. Both programs are through the local intermediate school district and are an opportunity for juveniles to continue their education. The "school" room is monitored by a probation officer, mentor or teacher at all times while the juvenile is in school. The juvenile receives the same or equal accreditation toward their Michigan School Requirement as any other student attending the regular school system.


SOS stands for Sexual Offender Services. This program can provide rehabilitation services for sexual offenders. This may include setting up psychological evaluations, out-patient therapy programs, registering juvenile sex offenders, or finding placement to provide intensive counseling and rehabilitation for juvenile sex offenders.

Outside Agencies

Agencies used by the Juvenile Probation Department:

  • Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems: (989) 673-6191
  • New Light Consultants: (989) 871-6695
  • List Psychological Services: (989) 673-5700
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