Mosquito Contol Services - Tuscola County

Mosquito Control Services

We have several different methods of controlling mosquitoes using an Intergraded Mosquito Management (IMM) approach.

Larviciding - The treatment of standing water to control the mosquitoes while still in the larval stage is very effective in reducing the number of adult mosquitoes.

In the spring technicians are treating flooded woodlots, using a granular material Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) that is applied with a hand spreader to standing water in woodland pools. We use a citizen tracking database which allows us to track properties that have previously been treated. If we have treated your property in the past we will return each season. If you have a wooded area on your property and have not been treated in the past please call to make arrangements.

Technicians will also treat roadside ditches, catch basins, sewage lagoons and containers throughout the season.

Adulticiding - Control of adult mosquitoes.

Beginning in May when adult mosquitoes typically emerge we will conduct routine roadside fogging to reduce the number of nuisance mosquitoes. This treatment is done after sunset with a truck mounted ULV sprayer using Kontrol 4-4 (permethrin). This treatment is weather dependent.

Public use areas are treated on a routine basis as well areas are treated prior to festivals and special events.

Residents may also call to have their property treated, you MUST call to schedule this service. We ask that you give at least a two week notice if you are having an event so we may adjust our schedule around the weather.

Things You Can Do

  • • Remove old tires, store containers inside or upside down.
  • • Keep ditches clean and free of debris.
  • • Keep wading pools, bird baths and pet dishes clean by changing water each week.
  • • Keep lawn and weeds well maintained.
  • • Place mesh screen over rain barrels.
  • • Empty pails and other containers that may hold water.
  • • Wear long sleeves and pants when outside during peak mosquito times.
  • • Use repellant containing DEET.
  • • Keep window screens and doors in good repair.
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