Emergency Management - Hazard Mitigation Plan

Emergency Management - Hazard Mitigation Plan

As required by FEMA, Tuscola County is in the process of updating the County's Hazard Mitigation Plan. This required update, which must occur every five years, describes our greatest threats and hazards and potential ways we can mitigate those risks.

By completing this plan update, Tuscola County and those local units of government within the County who adopt this plan, will maintain their eligibility for state and federal hazard mitigation funding.

Anyone who works, resides or visits Tuscola County is encouraged to review the "Draft" Hazard Mitigation Plan and provide any feedback to tuscolahazardmitigation@gmail.com

A link to the "Draft" Hazard Mitigation Plan can be found here:
Tuscola County Hazard Mitigation Plan - Updated on 09-19-2022

We are also asking those who live and/or work within Tuscola County to please complete this short survey to validate and provide additional information for the Plan.
That survey can be found here: Tuscola County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update - Public Survey

Additionally, the Hazard Mitigation Plan will be a topic at future Board of Commissioners meetings as we move forward in the updating process.

For an example of how hazard mitigation projects have helped our county in the past, here is a link to an MLIVE article about the City of Vassar and how a hazard mitigation project helped pay for and reduce the potential of flooding in the City.
Flood of 1986 swamped Vassar. How this small town fixed its water problem

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