Emergency Management - Tuscola County

Office of Emergency Management

Mission Statement: The Tuscola County Office of Emergency Management serves the citizens of Tuscola County by directing and coordinating emergency management and homeland security programs to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters.



Coordinator: Deputy Steven Anderson
Phone: 989-673-5181
Fax: 989-673-5182 Email: sanderson@tuscolacounty.org


What is Emergency Management?

  • Prevention- the act taken to avoid or stop an incident from occurring.
  • Mitigation- Mitigation is the measures taken that would either prevent an emergency, or reduce the chance of an emergency from happening.
  • Preparedness- Preparedness activates increase a community‚Äôs ability to respond when a disaster occurs. These measures include developing mutual aid agreements, memorandums of understandings, training for both first responders and concerned citizens, conducting disaster exercises to reinforce training and to test capabilities.
  • Response- actions that are carried out immediately before, during, and immediately after an event. These actions are aimed at saving lives, and lessoning the loss of property. Some examples of responses that emergency management would participate in are: activating the emergency operations center (EOC), evacuating people from effected areas, opening shelters, and providing mass care.
  • Recovery: Actions taken to return a community to normal or near-normal conditions. Examples include debris cleanup and the rebuilding of key infrastructure.
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