County Financial Planning - Wind Turbine Assessing/Revenue

Financial Planning - Wind Turbines

1. County Board of Commissioners official resolution regarding wind turbine development.  HERE

2. County report titled "Wind Turbine Revenue Significance, Uncertainty, Projections and Considerations to Reduce Dependency". HERE

3. County report titled "County Revenues/Services Negatively Impacted by Inflation". HERE

4. County Report titled "Property Tax Revenue Per Capita from Allocated Millage (General Operating)". HERE

5. Huron County Tribune article titled "Tuscola Depending On Wind Revenue But That Won't Last Forever" - discusses county dependency on wind turbine and the negative impacts of inflation. HERE

6. Huron County Tribune artice titled "Tuscola's Allocated Millage Among The Lowest In State" - discusses the low county allocated general operating millage and resulting problems. HERE

7. Huron County Tribune article titled "Turbine Tax Showdown With Energy Giant For This Summer" - discusses county and township dispute with giant wind energy companies concerning assessing/taxation of wind turbines. HERE

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