New Information About
Where, When and How to Recycle at Tuscola County Recycling

Keep It Clean and Keep It Separate
Everything brought into the facility is sorted by hand. Chances are if you don't see an item listed, we cannot recycle it.

Newspaper, Junk Mail, Office Paper, Telephone & Textbooks
This also includes copy paper, lined paper, typing paper, computer paper, file folders, inserts, envelopes, Keep all papers clean and dry. You do not need to remove any staples, paper clips or windows. Any other metal or non paper items should be removed. Paper products can be brought in any type of container. Please keep all magazines separate. NO containers, paper plates, cups, napkins or paper towels.

Magazines should be kept separate from other paper products. Magazines need to be glossy all the way through.

Corrugated Cardboard/Boxboard
Includes all cardboard that is constructed with corrugated grooves. NO wax-coated boxes. Boxboard includes cereal, tissue, gift boxes, milk, juice, ice-cream or frozen food containers, etc.

We accept only clear glass in bottle or jar form. NO colored glass, window glass, auto glass, perfume bottles, pyrex glass, candle jars or drinking glasses. Wash bottles & jars and remove caps and lids.

Tin cans (and their lids) and scrap metals are accepted. Wash out all tin cans and keep separate from aluminum.

Tin foil, foil pans, pie plates, non deposit aluminum cans, cat food cans are accepted. Rinse and keep separate from steel cans.

We accept #1 and #2 in bottle form only. Rinse out all containers and leave all caps on. Examples of what is acceptable:

  1. Clear water, soda and juice bottles
  2. Milk jugs, colored laundry soap bottles, shampoo, fabric softener and bleach bottles.
NO black trash bags. No plastic shopping bags.

Polystyrene Foam:
#6 only and includes clean meat trays, foam cups, clam shells, foam plates and bowls. Keep separate from packing peanuts. Please bundle large amounts in clear plastic bags for easy handling.

County Residents

  • Car tire $2.00
  • Semi truck or trailer tire $10.00
  • Tractor tires $20.00- Must be under 48" in height and under 12" in width.
  • Limit 7 tires per visit
  • No tire accepted on any type of axle.
  • Tires must be clean inside and out.
  • Cash or check only.

Non-County Residents

  • Car tire $4.00
  • Semi truck or trailer tire $20.00
  • Tractor tires $40.00 - Must be under 48" in height and under 12" in width.
  • Limit 7 tires per visit
  • No tire accepted on any type of axle.
  • Tires must be clean inside and out.
  • Cash or check only!
  • Please place Antifreeze In easily emptied containers.
  • Call ahead for any changes in drop off hours.
  • Containers remain with Consumers once emptied
  • Containers larger than 5 gallons - please call ahead.

Terms of acceptance - Used motor oil only. Please place oil in easily emptied containers. Cannot be mixed with water or any other fluids. Call ahead to learn of any changes in drop off hours.

Used Oil Drop Off Location Search

  • Tuscola County Recycling accepts electronic waste from Tuscola County residents year round at our facility.
  • All of the following material is accepted year round from Tuscola County residents:
  • Computer Towers, VCRs, DVD Players, Stereos, Printers, Fax Machines, Telephones, Scanners, Cellular Phones, Speakers, Keyboards, Computer Mouse, Rubber covered cords, Rechargeable Batteries & Auto Batteries, tv's and computers.
  • As of 1/1/2016 a fee is charged for disposal of TVs and computer monitors.

Tuscola County Recycling does accept household batteries both rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

Rechargeable batteries may also be mailed in through this program Other household batteries may be recycled through the following programs:

  • Partners in Planet Protection
    Palmerton, PA 18071
    CFLs, fluorescent bulbs, items containing mercury (dental waste), mercury thermostats, rechargeable batteries, single-use batteries. This program is available nationally and services business both large and small. Please visit the website to order a relevant kit and for shipping instructions.
  • Battery Mart
    1 Battery Drive, Winchester, VA 22601
    NiCad batteries, other batteries (NiMH, lead-acid), rechargeable batteries
    This program does not pay for shipping costs. Please call for further details.

Compact Fluorecent Bulbs

Tuscola County Recycling accepts CFL and Fluorescent tubes for a fee, please call for pricing.
For additional information on disposal of CFL bulbs, see the links below:
Energystar CFL/Mercury Fact Sheet

Locations that accept CFL's year round, free of charge:

  • Home Depot in Bay City
    3860 State Street off of Wilder
    No broken bulbs - take them to the Customer Service desk for disposal
  • Menards in Bay City
    2864 E. Wilder Road
    No broken bulbs - take them to the Electrical Department for disposal
Mail in recycling programs for CFL's and other mercury containing items:

Latex paint is now taken for $1.25 a gallon for county residents.

  • Latex paint
    Latex paint is water based (any paint that has water cleanup is water based) and it is not considered hazardous by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). According to the MDEQ, residents can dry up their old latex paint and once it is dry and solid, it can go into your regular trash. You can speed up the drying process by adding cat litter, wood chips, sand or shredded paper to the cans of paint. Remember to store the open paint cans somewhere safe where pets and children will not have access to it.
  • Oil Based
    Oil based paint and stains, cleaners, paint strippers, polishes and pool chemicals are all items that are accepted at the yearly Household Hazardous Waste collections. Tuscola County Recycling Center sponsors two collection dates each year. Both collection dates are open from 9:00am to Noon and an appointment is required to attend either event date. Please call ahead for an appointment and list of acceptable items.
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