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The mission of the Tuscola County Parks and Recreation Commission is to advise the Tuscola County Board of Commissioners on matters of policy and practice pertaining to the encouragement, establishment, and provision of recreational opportunities for residents of, and visitors to, Tuscola County.

Tuscola County Parks and Recreation Commission Members
  Kim Vaughan Terri Eden Steve Erickson Cynthia Kapa  
  Bob Mantey Julie Matuszak Robert McKay
Jerry Peterson  


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Vanderbilt County Park

Vanderbilt Park and Campground is located along the Saginaw Bay Shoreline of Tuscola County and offers 18-acres of rich natural scenic beauty available for day use or overnight camping. The park features a pavilion, playground equipment, picnic areas, grills, rustic restrooms, fire rings and a nature trail; along with 24 improved and 8 rustic campsites.

The park is open for camping year-round and offers a Park Host overseeing the daily operations and needs of visitors during the peak season of May through September.


  • Rustic Campsites (no water or electric) - $15/night, $90/week, $270/month or $825/season
  • Campsites (with electric only) - $20/night, $120/week, $360/month, or $1,250/season
  • Improved Campsites (with water and electric) - $24/night, $144/week, $432/month, or $1,500/season
  • Pavilion Rental - $75 rental charge with a $25 security deposit required to reserve (no refunds on holiday or weekend rentals)
  • Parking Fee - $3/day or $20/season (November through March)

Vanderbilt County Park and Campground was donated to Tuscola County by the late Frank Vanderbilt around the turn of the 20th century. The 18-acre park sits among the shady, rustic shoreline of Saginaw Bay just outside of Quanicassee at M-25 and Bath Road.

Vanderbilt Documentation

  1. 1. Vanderbilt 1938 Conveyance Deed
  2. 2. Vanderbilt 1942 Subdivision Plat
  3. 3. 1953 Circuit Court Order
  4. 4. 1984 Ledy Survey
  5. 5. 2005 Survey
  6. 6. Tuscola County Ordinance No. 2015-08.pdf

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Meeting Minutes from the last meeting.

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Tuscola County Parks and Recreation Meeting Schedule 2020

The Tuscola County Parks & Recreation Commission invites and encourages the public to attend meetings.

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Tuscola County Parks and Recreation Meeting Schedule 2021

The Tuscola County Parks & Recreation Commission invites and encourages the public to attend meetings.

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Contact Phone: (989) 545-7168


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