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Information Systems

The I.S. Department is primarily concerned with directing, coordinating, and planning the computer activities of Tuscola County. This department serves as a consultant to the Computer Planning Committee and works with County staff, to define goals and objectives as well as priorities of computer applications. We also review project progress, evaluate the County's computer equipment needs, and recommend changes in hardware and software as it pertains to computerization. This office is responsible for control and integrity of all data files received, processed and produced, and of ensuring proper Network Backups. The I.S. Department plans and coordinates educational programs as needed for County staff. We also provide technical advice in equipment evaluation, selection, and installation.


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Michigan Public WIFI

To view all of Michigan's Public WIFI locations Click the link below.

Michigan Public WIFI locations

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Broadband Availability Map

Public Security Training

Are you interested in learning about protecting yourself online? Our friends in Genesee County have partnered with Wizer to bring Internet security training to the public. Click the link below to get access to videos and printable documents that can help you learn to identify internet scams, spam, and much more!

Public Security Training

County Connectivity Landscape

This dashboard provides 2018 county connectivity landscape overview in an effort to better inform extension professionals as they plan online programming. Click the link below for more detailed information.

County Connectivity Data

Staff Members

  • Eean Lee - Chief Information Officer
  • Tracy Violet - Deputy Chief Information Officer, Network Security Analyst
  • Barry Lapp - Technician, OnBase Application Specialist
  • Tim Green - Public Safety Technician
  • David Draper - Technician
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