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Tuscola County Historical Resources

The following historical based information was gathered from Tuscola County's 34 municipalities. It provides a starting point to discover the rich heritage of Tuscola County.


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Caro Post Office Wall Mural – 210 W. Lincoln Street, Caro

“Mail on the Farm”, a vintage 1941 Mural decorates the historic Caro Post Office main lobby. Part of the Federal Art Project (FAP) that operated from 1935-1941, the mural was designed to depict a typical, every day event in Tuscola County life. David Fredenthal, The mural’s author, is a nationally recognized watercolor artist and illustrator. His works are housed in numerous museums, universities and private art collections

Tuscola County Courthouse – Stained Glass Window

The Tuscola County courthouse's massive 17ft by 9ft stained glass window was designed by A. Kay Herbert of Detroit and constructed in 1932 by the Detroit Stained Glass Works. The Arched window is constructed of Opalescent Glass, Antique cathedral glass, lead cane, vitreous paint and silver stain. The inscriptions reads "General Cass signing treaty with Indians on the Cass River".
There has long been confusion over the depicted scene. The commonly held belief is that it commemorates General Lewis Cass's signing of the Treaty of Saginaw with Chief Joshua Maishkeepawshe of the Chippawa Indians. This treaty however was signed in the City of Saginaw. (West side of the Saginaw river behind Mr Campau's house. -Okemos testimony Campau vs Dewey 1860) It is far more likely that the window depicts the 1920 conclusion of canoe building negotiations. The Chippawa of the Cass River valley were well known for their canoe construction and General Cass Required their skills for his famous exploratory expedition of the Great lakes and Northwest Territory.

Vassar City Hall Wall Mural

This Warren Simpson mural has been on display in the Vassar City Hall since 12/22/1986.
Painted in 1952 on ship canvas, it depicts a representative historic scene of Vassar C. 1852 and features local well known native Indian Dave.
NBD (National Bank of Detroit) donated the mural that previously decorated their offices to the city of Vassar. Generous donations of labor and materials were provided by Vassar Building Center and DA Johnston Construction. This enabled the historic mural to be mounted in the council chambers.

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Updated 3/2014

Bullard Sanford Memorial Library
520 W. Huron St., Vassar

Millington Arbela District Library
8530 Depot St., Millington

Caro Area District Library
840 W. Frank St., Caro
www.carolibrary .org/

Columbia Township Library
6456 Center St., Unionville

Rawson Memorial District Library
6495 Pine St., Cass City

Reese Unity District Library
2065 Gates St., Reese

Fairgrove Township Library
1957 Main St., Fairgrove

Mayville District Public Library
6090 Fulton St., Mayville

Watertown Township Library
9405 Foster St., Fostoria
Updated 10/2014

Caro Roadhouse Museum
235 E. Almer St., Caro

Thumb Octagon Barn
6948 Richie Rd., Gagetown
Wed. to Sat.11-5, Sun. 12-5
Guided Tours at 11,1,3 989-665-0081

Kingston Depot
5900 State St., Kingston
By appointment

Vassar Historical Society & Museum
450 S. Main St., Vassar
Sat. 10-2, April to December
Tours by Appointment 989-652-2379

Mayville Area Museum
2124 Ohmer Rd. (M-24), Mayville
Fri. & Sat. 10-4,
Memorial Day to 2nd Sat after Labor Day.

Watrousville-Caro Area Museum
4607 W. Caro Road (M-81), Watrousville
Thur. 1-4, June thru September
By Appt. 989 823-2360

Millington Arbela Historical Society
8534 State Rd., Millington
Fri. & Sat. 12-2, April to December
Updated 3/2014

Cass City Chronicle
6550 Main St., Cass City
Rawson Memorial Library,
6495 Pine St., Cass City

Mayville Monitor
6071 Fulton St., Mayville
The Mayville District Public Library
6090 Fulton St., Mayville

Millington Herald and Lakeville Messenger
PO Box 15, Millington
Millington Arbela District Library
8530 Depot St., Millington

Tuscola County Advertiser
344 N. State St., Caro
Caro Area District Library
840 W. Frank St., Caro

Vassar Pioneer Times
113 S Main St., Vassar
Bullard Sanford Memorial Library
520 W. Huron St., Vassar
1929-2008, occasional others.
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