Save the Caro Center


Call to Action

This is a call to action requesting that you immediately write Governor Whitmer stressing it is critical that if the state builds a new State Psychiatric Facility it needs to be built in Tuscola County to replace the current Caro Regional Center. A decision to not build this facility here and the loss of approximately 360 jobs would be devastating to area families and would have huge negative impacts on our local economy which will impact everyone.

This facility has been in operation here for over 100 years and is the second largest employer in Tuscola County. Our schools, businesses and families are dependent on it remaining here. Those of us who live here know firsthand how important it is to the very livelihood of our families, friends and neighbors who are employed at the facility.

Please act now! Hundreds of letters have been written but many more are needed. This is a serious situation. If you do not express your concerns it is possible state officials will move this facility. Please help your, families, friends and neighbors maintain their livelihood by explaining to state officials that the construction of a new a new facility needs to occur here. This community desperately needs and deserves this new facility.


Office Mail Addresses:
  • Honorable Governor Gretchen Whitmer
  • P.O. Box 30013
  • Lansing, Michigan 48909

  • Telephone:
  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer: 517.373.3400

  • Whitmer's Share Your Opinion Website
    Tuscola County