Jail Visitation and Mail Information

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No Phones
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No Food or Drink
Inmate Visitation
Effective March 2nd, 2021 Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office has transitioned to video visitation.
Please refer to the following link for more information.
Onsite visitation will still be available free of charge under normal business operations. You will be required to complete an initial registration process prior to scheduling your first visit. The registration process is free and can be completed at https://www.icsolutions.com or at the registration kiosk located in the lobby of the jail. Visitor video terminals are also located in the lobby area of the jail. Each inmate will be permitted one (1) onsite video visit per week. Onsite visits will be no longer than 30 minutes.
Inmate Mail Privileges
Inmates are permitted to write to any person outside of our jail facility. Incoming inmate correspondence must be addressed as follows:
Tuscola County Sheriff's Office
Inmate First and Last Name
420 Court St. STE 1
Caro MI, 48723
• Incoming mail must reflect sender's first and last name and complete address.
• Correspondence from Attorneys, as well as court and public officials may be opened in the presence of the inmate to whom it is addressed and searched for contraband.
• In order to be considered legal mail it must be conspicuously marked as "legal mail", "privileged", "attorney-client" or similar indication that the correspondence is intended to be confidential. It must be conspicuously marked as coming from an attorney or law firm and includes the law firm or legal services providers name, address, attorney name and valid bar number. It must be addressed by name to a specific inmate.
• Mail must be sent via US Postal Service
• All mail, except bona-fide legal mail, will be by standard white post cards with no pictures. The post cards must be no larger than 5x7 and the postage must be metered. No stamped postage will be accepted.
• No stickers, glitter, or perfume sprayed postcards, drawings, crayon, gel pen, glue or other similar substance.
• Any mail containing any of the following content shall be rejected and if applicable returned to sender or placed in the inmates secured property.
◦ The manufacturing, use, procurement of weapons, explosives, incendiary devices, poisons or drugs.
◦ Advocating disorder, riots, or other institutional disruption.
◦ Sexually explicit or enticing drawings or photos.
◦ Drawings, icons, symbols, photos or photo content that may be considered gang related.
◦ Racial commentary or racially motivated material.
◦ Stamps, envelopes or blank stationary.
Appeal Rejection of Mail - If any mail, or photo you send is rejected and/or returned to sender you may appeal our decision to reject said mail or photo. This must be done in writing to the below address. You must write Mail Appeal on the envelope. You must include your contact information, inmate's name, the nature of the mail, and why you feel the decision was incorrect.
This appeal will be directed to a jail lieutenant who will consider the appeal and render a decision. If this lieutenant is unable to make a decision, the Undersheriff and/or the Sheriff will be consulted. The decision is final and cannot be appealed.
Mail Appeal
Attn: Jail Administrator
420 Court St. STE 1
Caro, MI 48723*