Sheriff's Office Staff and Extensions

Tuscola County Sheriff's Office phone number is 989-673-8161.
Tuscola County Sheriff's Office fax number is 989-673-8164.
Tuscola County Central Dispatch phone number is 989-673-8738.
These numbers are for non-emergencies, use 911 to call for emergencies.
If you would like to reach a member of the Sheriff's Office dial 989-673-8161 followed by their extension number.

Administrative Staff
Sheriff Glen Skrent2226
Undersheriff Robert Baxter2225
Adminstrative Assistant - Heidi Chicilli2226
Uniform Division Supervisor
Lieutenant Ted Hull2227
Corrections Division Supervisor / Jail Administrator
Lieutenant Brian Harris2228
Uniform Division Sergeants
Sergeant Joshua Herman2231
Sergeant Jordan Wade2232
Sergeant Ryan Robinson2230
Detective Sergeant Justin Nitz2233
Detective Sergeant James Hook2234
Uniform Division Deputies
Ashley Calles 4037
Spencer Coleman 4049
Ryan LaFlure 4061
Thomas Peterson 4015
Brandon Smithheart 4036
Chris Whetstone 4012
Timothy Zube 4013
William Webster 4020
Kyle Bischer 4016
Kyle Broecker 4024
Corrections Division Sergeants
Sergeant Brent Dawson4023
Sergeant Nathan Licht4042
Sergeant Dan Lisowski4043
Sergeant Mike Schuman4047
Corrections Officers
Joel Angle 4017
Miles Breinager 4023
Kirk Dutcher 4027
Rodney Friday 4038
Matthew Greenway 4059
Bryan Hemerline 2240
Mike Kemp 4041
Mike Kennedy 4019
Kyle Nordstrom 4058
Cody Neuville4018
Nolan Harrison4021
Skylar Thurlow4022
Scienna Rose4014
Samuel Gaiser4028
Special Division
Emergency Services Coordinator: Steve Anderson 2235
County Weighmaster: Ryan Herford4010
Support Division
Criminal Records: Shannon Gwizdala2239
Lobby and General Info: 2237
Inmate Records/Billings: Deb Mika 2238
Vehicle Maintenance: Dennis Ziemba
Part Time Employees
Louis Foskett 4065
Gary Fini
Gerald Fulmer
Arlin Herford
Michael Scarborough
Marine Division Part Time Employees
Gary Fleming
Kenneth Proctor
Philip Erickson
Gary Coleman
John Atwell
Kevin Gainforth
David Keehn