Statement of Vote
Tuscola County

November 13, 2008 3:04 PM

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President and Vice President of the United States
United States Senator
US Representative in Congress 5th District
State Representative 84th District
Member of the State Board of Education
Member of the Univ of MI Board of Regents
Member of the MI State University Board of Trustee
Member of the Wayne State Univ Bd of Governors
Prosecuting Attorney
County Sheriff
County Clerk
County Treasurer
County Register of Deeds
County Drain Commissioner
County Commissioner 1st District
County Commissioner 2nd District
County Commissioner 3rd District
County Commissioner 4th District
County Commissioner 5th District
Akron Township Supervisor
Akron Township Clerk
Akron Township Treasurer
Akron Township Trustee
Almer Township Supervisor
Almer Township Clerk
Almer Township Treasurer
Almer Township Trustee
Arbela Township Supervisor
Arbela Township Clerk
Arbela Township Treasurer
Arbela Township Trustee
Columbia Township Supervisor
Columbia Township Clerk
Columbia Township Treasurer
Columbia Township Trustee
Dayton Township Supervisor
Dayton Township Clerk
Dayton Township Treasurer
Dayton Township Trustee
Denmark Township Supervisor
Denmark Township Clerk
Denmark Township Treasurer
Denmark Township Trustee
Elkland Township Supervisor
Elkland Township Clerk
Elkland Township Treasurer
Elkland Township Trustee
Ellington Township Supervisor
Ellington Township Clerk
Ellington Township Treasurer
Ellington Township Trustee
Elmwood Township Supervisor
Elmwood Township Clerk
Elmwood Township Treasurer
Elmwood Township Trustee
Fairgrove Township Supervisor
Fairgrove Township Clerk
Fairgrove Township Treasurer
Fairgrove Township Trustee
Fremont Township Supervisor
Fremont Township Clerk
Fremont Township Treasurer
Fremont Township Trustee
Gilford Township Supervisor
Gilford Township Clerk
Gilford Township Treasurer
Gilford Township Trustee
Indianfields Township Supervisor
Indianfields Township Clerk
Indianfields Township Treasurer
Indianfields Township Trustee
Juniata Township Supervisor
Juniata Township Clerk
Juniata Township Treasurer
Juniata Township Trustee
Kingston Township Supervisor
Kingston Township Clerk
Kingston Township Treasurer
Kingston Township Trustee
Koylton Township Supervisor
Koylton Township Clerk
Koylton Township Treasurer
Koylton Township Trustee
Millington Township Supervisor
Millington Township Clerk
Millington Township Treasurer
Millington Township Trustee
Novesta Township Supervisor
Novesta Township Clerk
Novesta Township Treasurer
Novesta Township Trustee
Tuscola Township Supervisor
Tuscola Township Clerk
Tuscola Township Treasurer
Tuscola Township Trustee
Vassar Township Supervisor
Vassar Township Clerk
Vassar Township Treasurer
Vassar Township Trustee
Watertown Township Supervisor
Watertown Township Clerk
Watertown Township Treasurer
Watertown Township Trustee
Wells Township Supervisor
Wells Township Clerk
Wells Township Treasurer
Wells Township Trustee
Wisner Township Supervisor
Wisner Township Clerk
Wisner Township Treasurer
Wisner Township Trustee
Justice of the Supreme Court
Judge of the Court of Appeals - Incumbent Position
Judge of the District Court
Village of Caro Charter Commissioner
Village of Fairgrove President
Village of Fairgrove Trustee
Village of Gagetown Trustee
Village of Reese President
Village of Reese Trustee
Village of Reese Trustee - Partial Term
Village of Unionville President
Village of Unionville Trustee
Village of Unionville Trustee - Partial Term
Millington Arbela Dist Library Board of Directors
Michigan Coalition for Compassionate Care
Stem Cell Research Ballot Question Committee
Akron Township Emergency Services Millage Proposal
Arbela Township Road Millage Renewal
Wisner Township Proposal
Village of Reese Millage Renewal Proposition