Monday, January 5, 2009

8:00 A.M.

Annex Board Room


207 E. Grant Street                                                                                  Phone:  989-672-3700

Caro, MI  48723                                                                                        Fax:      989-672-4011



Call to Order – Clerk White-Cormier

Roll Call – Clerk White-Cormier 

Election of Chairperson

Election of Vice-Chairperson


Adoption of Agenda  

  1. New Business
  2. Old Business
  3. Correspondence
  4. Public Participation
  5. Establishment of Board and Committee of the Whole Meeting Dates (See Attachment A)


  1. Establishment of Meeting Dates with Senator Barcia and Representative Brown (See B)


  1. Appointment to Boards/Commissions (See Attachment C)


  1. First Draft 2009 Board of Commissioner Work Program (See Attachment D)


  1. Commissioner Related Policies

·        Commissioner Rules of Order (See Attachment E)

    • Board of Commissioner Per Diem and Mileage (See Attachment F)

·        Travel/Meal Policy (See Attachment G)

·        Board and Commissions Appointment Policy (See Attachment H)

·        Board of Commissioner Consent Agenda (See Attachment I)


  1. Other Business As Necessary


Note:     If you need accommodations to attend this meeting, please notify the

               Tuscola County Controller/Administrator’s Office (672-3700) two days

       in advance of the meeting.