Tuesday, August 28, 2001

6:00 P.M.


1401 Cleaver Road

Caro, MI





6:00 P.M.            Call to Order – Chairperson Bates

                        Prayer – Commissioner Hess

                        Pledge – Commissioner Bates

                        Roll Call – Clerk White-Cormier

                        Adoption of Agenda

                        Action on August 14, 2001 Minutes (See Correspondence #1)

                        New Business

                                    -Recycling Update

                                    -Family Independence Agency

                                    -Health Department Annual Report (See Separate Enclosure)

           Old Business

                        Public Participation

                        Consent Agenda Resolution (See Correspondence #2)





6:30 P.M.            COMMITTEE REPORTS


                        Finance Committee (See Correspondence #3)

                        Commissioner Schafer

                                    2002 Budget Development

                                    Recycling Update

                                    County Policy Review

                                    Master Plan Update

                                    Thumb Narcotics Unit

                                    Health Insurance Costs

                                    Retirement System Costs

                                    State Revenue Sharing

                                    Other Business/On-Going Matters

                                    Next Regular Meeting September 13, 2001 – 6:00 P.M.


                        Building and Grounds Committee (See Correspondence #10)

                        Commissioner Petzold

                                    Office Building Project

                                    Annex Security


                                    FIA Humidifier

BOARD AGENDA…..8/28/01…..Page 2


                                    Circuit Court Ceiling Work

                                    Smoking Policy

                                    Adult Probation

                                    Johnson Controls

                                    Jail Generator

                                    Request to Place Literature in Courthouse

                                    Other Business/On-Going Matters

                                    Next Regular Meeting September 18, 2001 – 9:00 A.M.


                        Computer Planning Committee

                        Commissioner Schafer

                        Computer Lightening Strike

                        County Windows 200 Server Status

                        Update from Information System Director on Building Codes

Permitting Software

                                    Prosecutor Server On-Line and Security

                                    Register of Deeds Fiber Optic Cable Move

                                    Westlaw Lawdesk Vendor Evaluation Visit

                                    County Internet Usage and Security Policy

                                    Health Department Possible T-1 Connection to County Network

                                    Ameritech Installation of Dedicated Connection from Tuscola

County to Lansing (state funded)

                                    County Inventory and Fixed Asset Software (Gadsby)

                                    Other Business/On-Going Matters

                                    Next Regular Meeting September 27, 2001 – 3:00 P.M.


            Personnel Committee (See Correspondence #11)

                        Commissioner Peterson

                                    Building Codes Staffing

                                    Sheriff Staffing

                                    Grievance - Treasurer Office

                                    Disability Coverage Grant

                                    Other Business/On-Going Matters

                                    Next Regular Meeting September 17, 2001 – 8:00 A.M.




                        IF NECESSARY, CLOSED SESSION – Labor Negotiations



            7:00 P.M.    Public Hearing to Consider a Renaissance Zone Application from

the Village of Cass City



            7:30 P.M.    Public Hearing to Consider Renaissance Zone Application from

the Village of Caro


BOARD AGENDA…..8/28/01…..Page 3






                        Multi-County Solid Waste Planning

                        Tuscola County Solid Waste Advisory Board

                        Region VII Area Agency on Aging

                        School to Work

                        County Planning Commission

                        Judges Liaison

                        Michigan Association of Counties – Environmental Committee

                        East Central Michigan Planning and Development Region



                        Human Development Commission

                        Judges Liaison

                        Michigan Association of Counties – Board of Directors



                        Building Codes Liaison

                        Resource Conservation and Development District

                        Thumb Area Consortium

                        Parks & Recreation Commission



                        Health Board

                        Substance Abuse Advisory Council

            Animal Control Liaison



                        Health Board

                        Community Corrections Advisory Board

                        Thumb Area Consortium

            Human Services Coordinating Council

                        Tuscola 2001

                        Caro DDA

                        Mid-Michigan Mosquito Control Technical Advisory Committee

                        County Planning Commission



                        Behavioral Health Systems

                        Economic Development Corporation



                        Behavioral Health Systems

                        Road Commission Liaison

                        Legislative Liaison

BOARD AGENDA…..8/28/01…..Page 4


            Judges Liaison

                        Board of Public Works Liaison

                        Dispatch Authority Board

                        Family Independence Agency (Liaison)

                        Human Development Commission



                        OTHER BUSINESS AS NECESSARY




Note:  If you need accommodations to attend this meeting please notify the

          Tuscola County Controller/Administrator’s Office (989-672-3700) two

          days in advance of the meeting.






































  #1      August 14, 2001 Full Board Minutes


  #2            Consent Agenda


  #3      August 14, 2001 Finance Committee Minutes


  #4      Public Hearing Village of Caro Renaissance Zone Designation


  #5      July 26, 2001 Behavioral Health Systems Minutes


  #6      July 10, 2001 FIA Minutes


  #7      August 2001 Health Department Monthly Report


  #8      August 2, 2001 Solid Waste Advisory Committee Minutes


  #9      Village of Caro Public Hearing Notice - Rezoning Request


#10     August 22, 2001 Building and Grounds Committee Minutes


#11     August 23, 2001 Personnel Committee Minutes


#12            Kalkaska County Resolution


#13     August 15, 2001 Human Development Commission Minutes