Sunday, April 1, 2001

2:00 P.M.


301 Hooper Street, Caro, MI  48723




2:00 P.M.            Call to Order – Chairperson Bates

                        Roll Call – Clerk White-Cormier


                        Adoption of Agenda and Rules of Public Participation


                        PUBLIC HEARING


                        1.            Open the Record – Chairperson Bates

                        2.            Presentation of Application  - James McLoskey

                        3.            Motion to Approve Application

                        4.            Open Floor for Commissioner debate – Chairperson Bates

                        5.            Public Comment – Chairperson Bates and General Counsel Van



                                    Rules for Public Participation – General Counsel Van Essen


                                    A.            Any participant must sign a card identifying their name

                                                and address before being recognized to speak.  (Source:

                                                OAG 1977 No. 5183, p. 21).

                                    B.            Any participant’s comments shall be limited to 3

                                                minutes, although he or she may request 1 additional

                                                minute from the Chair to sum up.  The Chair’s ruling is

                                                definitive.  (Source:  OAG 1977, No. 5183, p. 21).

                                    C.            Since the purpose of the meeting is to discuss public

                                                business and not address individual personalities,

                                                “personal attacks” on Township or County officials are

                                                prohibited and shall be considered “out of order.”  (Source:

                                                OAG 1977, No. 5183, p. 21).

                                    D.            All questions must be directed to the Chair, not other parties.

                                                (Source:  OAG 1981, No. 6019, p. 507).

                                    E.            The Chair will consider and refer, if she deems appropriate,

questions at the end of the public comment period.  The




Chair’s ruling on whether a question is germane and to

whom to refer it is definitive.  (Source:  OAG 1981, No. 6019, p. 507).

F. Initial Public Comment will be limited to 1 hour 30 minutes.  If additional time is necessary, it will be held after the Question is called.  (Source:  OAG 1980, No. 5716, p. 812).


                        6.            Question is called – Chairperson Bates

                        7.            Roll Call Vote – County Clerk

                        8.            Additional Public Comment, if necessary – Chairperson

                        9.            Hearing is Closed – Chairperson Bates












Note:  If you need accommodations to attend this meeting please notify the

          Tuscola County Controller/Administrator’s Office (989-672-3700) two

          days in advance of the meeting.







































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