Tuesday, February 27, 2001

6:00 P.M.





6:00 P.M.            Call to Order – Chairperson Bates

                        Prayer – Commissioner Scollon

                        Pledge – Commissioner McLane

                        Roll Call – Clerk White-Cormier

                        Adoption of Agenda

                        Action on February 15, 2001 Minutes (See Correspondence #1)

                        New Business

                                    -Caro DDA/TIFA Project

                                    -March 1, 2001 – 11:30 A.M. Farm Bureau Lunch Meeting

                                    -Behavioral Health System Board Appointments (See

Correspondence #9)

            Old Business

                        Public Participation

                        Consent Agenda Resolution (See Correspondence #2)




6:30 P.M.            COMMITTEE REPORTS


                        Finance Committee (See Correspondence #3)

                        Commissioner Schafer

                                    Mosquito Abatement Material Bids

                                    Office Space Planning

                                    Family Court

                                    Jail Prison Count/Space

                                    Solid Waste Committee Per Diems

                                    Emergency Snow Financial Recovery

                                    Indirect Cost Plan Renewal

                                    Caro DDA/TIFA

                                    Sheriff Department Accounting Change

                                    Cops More Technology Grant Application

                                    Office of Drug Control Grant Application

                                    County Loan to Purchase Recycling Bobcat

                                    Other Business/On-Going Matters

                                    Next Regular Meeting March 1, 2001 – 6:00 P.M.


                        Building and Grounds Committee (See Correspondence # 7)

                        Commissioner Petzold

                                    Magistrate Remodeling Bid Opening

                                    Annex Remodeling Bid Opening

                                    County Vehicle Bid Opening

BOARD AGENDA…..2/27/01…..Page 2


                                    Pool Vehicle Policy Revision

                                    Office Space Planning

                                    Smoking Policy

                                    Severe Weather Plan

                                    Fire/Tornado Drills, CPR Training

                                    Space, Inc. Courthouse Refurbishing

                                    Barrier-Free Project Update

                                    Johnson Controls Energy Savings Report

                                    Park & Recreation Plan

                                    County Development Plan

                                    Sidewalk Maintenance

                                    Health Department Carpeting

                                    FIA Parking Lot/Humidifier

                                    Jail-Flooring/2nd Floor Storage

                                    Other Business/On-Going Matters

                                    Next Regular Meeting March 20, 2001 – 9:00 A.M.


                        Computer Planning Committee

                        Commissioner Schafer

                        No Meeting Since Last Regular Meeting

                                    Other Business/On-Going Matters

                                    Next Regular Meeting March 1, 2001 – 4:30 P.M.


            Personnel Committee (See Correspondence #8)

                        Commissioner Peterson

                                    Family Court Assignment Clerk Compensation Request

                                    Prosecutor Office Reclassification Request

                                    Information System Position Sheriff Department

                                    Family Court

                                    Updating of County Policies

                                    In-Service Training Day

                                    MERS Retirement System – Retiree Request

                                    Maintenance Overtime

                                    Labor Negotiations

                                    Dispatch Personnel Matter

                                    Mosquito Abatement Wages

                                    Jury Board Appointment

                                    Jury Compensation

                                    Mosquito Abatement Working on Holiday

                                    Health Department By-Laws

                                    Other Business/On-Going Matters

                                    Negotiations February 22, 2001 – 10:00 A.M.

                                    Next Regular Meeting March 19, 2001 – 8:00 A.M.




                        CLOSED SESSION – Labor Negotiations

BOARD AGENDA…..2/27/01…..Page 3






                        Multi-County Solid Waste Planning

                        Tuscola County Solid Waste Advisory Board

                        Region VII Area Agency on Aging

                        School to Work

                        County Planning Commission

                        Judges Liaison

                        Michigan Association of Counties – Environmental Committee

                        East Central Michigan Planning and Development Region



                        Human Development Commission

                        Ad-Hoc Paging Committee

                        Judges Liaison

                        Michigan Association of Counties – Board of Directors



                        Building Codes Liaison

                        Resource Conservation and Development District

                        Thumb Area Consortium

                        Parks & Recreation Commission



                        Health Board

                        Health and Safety Committee

            Substance Abuse Advisory Council

            Animal Control Liaison



                        Health Board

                        Community Corrections Advisory Board

                        Thumb Area Consortium

            Human Services Coordinating Council

                        Tuscola 2001

                        Caro DDA

                        Mid-Michigan Mosquito Control Technical Advisory Committee

                        County Planning Commission

                        Michigan Association of Counties – Human Services Committee



                        Mental Health Authority Board

                        Economic Development Corporation



BOARD AGENDA…..2/27/01…..Page 4



                        Mental Health Authority Board

                        Road Commission Liaison

                        Legislative Liaison

                        Judges Liaison

                        Board of Public Works Liaison

                        Dispatch Authority Board

Ad-Hoc Paging Committee

                        Family Independence Agency (Liaison)

                        Human Development Commission



                        OTHER BUSINESS AS NECESSARY




Note:  If you need accommodations to attend this meeting please notify the

          Tuscola County Controller/Administrator’s Office (989-672-3700) two

          days in advance of the meeting.
































  #1            February 14, 2001 Full Board Minutes


  #2            Consent Agenda Resolution


  #3            February 15, 2001 Finance Committee Minutes


  #4            February 5, 2001 Multi-County Solid Waste Task Force Minutes


  #5            February 2001 Health Department Report


  #6            January 9, 2001 Family Independence Agency Minutes


  #7            February 20, 2001 Building and Grounds Committee Minutes


  #8            February 20, 2001 Personnel Committee Minutes


  #9      Letter from Behavioral Health Systems