Tuesday, October 26, 1999

6:00 P.M.





6:00 P.M.            Call to Order – Chairman Hess

                        Prayer – Commissioner Peterson

                        Pledge – Commissioner Petzold

                        Roll Call – Clerk White

                        Adoption of Agenda

                        Action on October 12, 1999 Minutes

                                    (See Correspondence #1)

                        New Business

                       -Dissolving of Previous Board Resolution Regarding P.A. 133

                                                of 1993 (See Correspondence #2 and Separately

                                                Enclosed Draft Letter)

                                    -Ad-Hoc Paging Committee Recommendations (See

                                                (Correspondence #13)

                                    -Change of Attorney Regarding Swinton Medical Cost Recovery

                                                (See Separately Enclosed Letter)

                                    -John Axe to 11/23/99 Full Board to Discuss Tax Reversion


                        Old Business

                        Public Participation



6:30 P.M.            Thumb Area Employment Training Consortium Agreement

                                    and Charter Update (Copy of Previously Provided to All

                                    Commissioners, See Separately Enclosed Legal Review)


7:00 P.M.            Appointments to Boards and Commissions

                                    (List of Applicants Previously Provided)

                                    (See Correspondence #5)



7:30 P.M.            COMMITTEE REPORTS

                        Finance Committee (See Correspondence #11)

                        Commissioner Schafer

                                    2000 Budget Development

                                    Dispatch Computer Request

                                    Annex Sidewalk Replacement

                                    State Police Bid Opening

                                    Continuing Disclosure Filing Deadline

                                    Renaissance Zone Criteria

                                    Retiree Medical

                                    Review of Health Insurance Incentive

BOARD AGENDA…..10/26/99…..Page 2


                                    State Revenue Sharing

                                    Post Retirement Benefit Programs

                                    Transfer of Custody Officer to Jail Budget

                                    Other Business/On-Going Matters

                                    Next Regular Meeting October 28, 1999 – 1:00 P.M.


                        Personnel Committee

                        Commissioner Bates

                                    Employee Appointment to Building Strong Families

                                                Program (See Correspondence #12)

                                    Other Business/On-Going Matters

                                    No Meeting Since Last Regular Meeting

                                    Next Regular Meeting November 15, 1999 – 9:00 A.M.


                        Building and Grounds Committee

                        Commissioner Petzold

                                    2000 Equipment/Capital Improvement Budget

                                    Probate Court Judge Request

                                    MDOT Land Availability                 

                                    Other Business/On-Going Matters

                                    Next Regular Meeting November 16, 1999 – 3:00 P.M.


                        Computer Planning Committee

                        Commissioner Schafer

                                    Other Business/On-Going Matters

                                    No Meeting Since Last Regular Meeting

                                    Next Regular Meeting October 28, 1999 – 3:00 P.M.







                        Multi-County Solid Waste Planning

                        Tuscola County Solid Waste Advisory Board

                        Region VII Area Agency on Aging

                        School to Work

                        County Planning Commission



                        Human Development Commission

                        Family Independence Agency (Liaison)



                        Building Codes Liaison

                        Resource Conservation and Development District

                        Thumb Area Consortium

BOARD AGENDA…..10/26/99…..Page 3


                        Human Development Commission

                        Parks & Recreation Commission



                        Health Board

                        Health and Safety Committee

                        Substance Abuse Advisory Council

                        Animal Control Liaison



                        Health Board

                        Community Corrections Advisory Board

                        Thumb Area Consortium

                        East Central Michigan Planning & Development Region

                        Human Services Coordinating Council

                        Tuscola 2001

                        Caro DDA

                        Mid-Michigan Mosquito Control Technical Advisory Committee



                        Mental Health Authority Board

                        Economic Development Corporation



                        Mental Health Authority Board

                        Road Commission Liaison

                        Legislative Liaison

                        Judges Liaison

                        Board of Public Works Liaison

                        Dispatch Authority Board


                        OTHER BUSINESS AS NECESSARY


Note:  If you need accommodations to attend this meeting please notify the

          Tuscola County Controller/Administrator’s Office (989-672-3700) two

          days in advance of the meeting.















  #1            October 12, 1999 Full Board Minutes


  #2            Monthly Health Department Report


  #3            September 14, 1999 FIA Board Minutes


  #4            September 27, 1999 Central Dispatch Authority Board Minutes


  #5            September 9, 1999 County Planning Commission


  #6            September 9, 1999 EDC Minutes


  #7            September 1999 Animal Control Report


  #8            September 13, 1999 Multi-County Solid Waste Task Force Minutes


  #9            Oakland County Resolution


#10            Washtenaw County Resolution


#11            October 14, 1999 Finance Committee Minutes


#12            Employee Appointment to Building Strong Families Program        


#13            October 19, 1999 Ad-Hoc Paging Minutes