Clerk - Tuscola County

Tuscola County Clerk

The County Clerk is an elected position, serving a four year term. The Clerk is responsible for issuing and the filing of marriage licenses, keeping records of births, deaths, assumed names, co-partnerships, concealed weapon permits, veterans discharges, notary bonds, filing for Circuit Court and Family Court. The Clerk administers all election functions required by law, in addition to tabulating ballots and training all election inspectors within the County.

The Clerk also serves as the Chairman of the Elections Scheduling Committee, Clerk of the Board of Canvassers, Clerk of the Gun Board, member of the Plat Board, member of the Building Authority, Clerk of Circuit Court, Elections Commission, and Clerk of the County Board of Commissioners.

Jodi Fetting - County Clerk

Voting Information

Check here to find out if you are registered and also where you can cast your vote.

Election results and sample ballots are posted HERE.

Election Notices

  • November 3rd, 2015 Election
    • Election Notice for the November 3rd, 2015 Election. Click here.

    • Notice of the Last Day of Registration for the November 3rd, 2015 Election. Click Here.

    • Public Accuracy Notice November 2015. Click Here.


    8:00 a.m - Noon and 1:00 p.m - 4:30 p.m

    Monday through Friday
    excluding holidays

    440 N State St
    Caro, MI 48723


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    A concealed pistol license application is obtainable from the County Clerk's office or online from the Michigan State Police - Click Here

    For an exempt concealed pistol license application - Click Here

    The Tuscola Concealed Pistol Licensing Board consist of:

    • Mark Reene, Prosecuting Attorney
    • Lee Teschendorf, Sheriff
    • Mitchell Krugielki, Michigan State Police
    • Jodi Fetting, County Clerk

    For the 2015 list of Scheduled Gun Board meetings and their location - Click Here


    • New applications can take several weeks for fingerprint clearance. All new applicants must be fingerprinted. You will be given fingerprinting information at the County Clerk's Office after submitting your application.
    • Applications must be filed with the County Clerk.
    • The application is then submitted to the County Gun Board for approval.
    • The Clerk's office will issue the Concealed Pistol License (CPL) after approval by the Gun Board.
    • Permits are good for not less than 4 years and not more than 5 years. The CPL permit will expire on your birthday.
    • The fee is $105.00.
    • If a permit is lost, stolen, or damaged, a duplicate can be issued for $10.00.
    • The County Clerk's office does take CPL photos. The cost is $15.00. No appointment is necessary.
    • If you are applying for a renewal, you may apply up to 6 months in advance. Your new permit will be issued after the Gun Board meets or the day your current license expires, whichever is later.

    Click here to download the DBA form

    Why do I need to file a DBA (Doing Business as Assumed)?

    The law requires that a sole proprietor or co-partners file their business (other than the real name of the person) at the County Clerk’s Office [MCL 445.1]. The law also requires that corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships be filed with the State of Michigan. Therefore, corporations shall not be filed with the County Clerk. The purpose of the law is to place on Public Record who is conducting or transacting business under an assumed name.

    Can I use any name I want?

    There are a number of regulations that apply when a company name is chosen. The general rules governing names for Corporations, Non-profit Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships only apply to those entities. The Co-Partnership Act and Fictitious Name Act require that the name of a sole proprietorship or Co-Partnership cannot be the same or similar to a name already on file with the county so as not to cause confusion or deception.

    What if I do business in the next county?

    When you file an assumed name as a sole proprietorship or Co-Partnership, you have to file in each county in which you will be doing business.

    I filed in this county; what if the next county has a business with the same name, now what do I do?

    If you find that someone else is using the same name then you need to do some research to find out how long they have been using that name. If they have been in business for a long time, you might want to change your assumed name so there is no confusion to the public. Filing your business name does not create substantive rights to the use of that name.

    Can I use a different name in a second county that I am doing business in?

    If the business is a separate business with a different name, you would file with the actual name you are doing business under. However, if you are doing business with the same name as in the first county you should file with the same name in the second county.

    I need a DBA today for my bank, but I have my business incorporated, what should I do?

    If you are incorporated, the only place you should file an assumed name is with the State of Michigan; the same as your Articles of Incorporation. If you need the name to be filed quickly, you may file using the new electronic filing system, MICH-ELF. The instructions and application for filing electronically can be found on the State of Michigan’s website When using MICH-ELF, your document will be reviewed within 24 hours. The bank should not be advising corporations to file at the county. You might suggest that the bank call the Corporation Division at (517) 241-6470 for verification of this information.

    Can I file the business name with the county and state that I am incorporated?

    No. If you are incorporated the only place you should file an assumed name is with the State, the same as your Articles of Incorporation. Filings at the county level are for sole proprietorships and Co-Partnerships only.

    Can I file to do a DBA today and when my attorney has my corporation papers filed can I dissolve the DBA?

    You can file a Reservation of Corporate Name with the State of Michigan to hold your corporate name. If you are incorporated, the only place you should file is with the State.

    If I file a DBA in all 83 counties of Michigan, will that protect my business name?

    No. Filing your business name does not create substantive rights to the use of that name. This is the same whether it is a Corporate name, Limited Liability Company name, Limited Partnership name, Sole Proprietorship name or Co-Partnership name.

    Can I file a DBA if I am less than 18 years old?

    No. A person who is at least 18 years of age is an adult of legal age for purposes of signing contracts.

    Can I be a partner in a DBA if I am less than 18 years old?

    No. A person who is at least 18 years of age is an adult of legal age for purposes of signing contracts.

    Compiled by the Second District of the Michigan Association of County Clerks and the Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services.

    The County Clerk generates and proofreads the ballots for all elections held in Tuscola County. Accurate election results are provided to the State of Michigan. Precinct workers are trained for all elections. The County Clerk directs all recall and recount activities in Tuscola County. There are approximately 42,017 registered voters in the county. For citizens who wish to run for public office, the County Clerk's office distributes nominating petitions and monitors campaign finance reports in compliance with state election laws.

    Michigan Voter Registration

    SOS Elections in Michigan

    Tuscola County Election Results and sample ballots

    Important Campaign Finance Requirements

    Several bills recently signed into law by the Govenor have made significant changes to the Michigan Campaign Finance Act. These changes impact the reporting requirements of Candidate Committees and Political Action Committees. In addition to the pre-election, post-election, and annual campaign statements, Candidate Committees and PACs registered on the local level must file two additional quarterly campaign statements in July and October as follows:

    • Candidate Committee - calendar year in which the candidate is not on the ballot.
    • PAC - calendar year in which the committee is not supporting/opposing candidates.

    Additional Resources

    Marriage License Application Instructions

    Click here for a copy of the marriage license application

    General Requirements
    • State Law:​ The State of Michigan through MCL 551.101, 104, 106​ requires all parties intending to be married to obtain a marriage license from the County Clerk of the county in which either applicant resides.
    • In-State Residents:​ must apply for license in the county in which they live. The marriage may then occur in any county in the State of Michigan.
    • Out-of-State Residents​: must apply for license in the county in which they will be married.
    • Educational Materials: ​The County Clerk is required to provide applicants with educational materials on the transmission and prevention of venereal disease and HIV infection.
    Information Needed to Apply
    • Age and Date of Birth:​ for both applicants. Each applicant must be at least 18 years old. However, a 16 or 17 year old can apply with written consent of a parent or guardian. The consent must be notarized. Forms are available from the County Clerk's Office.
    • Birthplace:​ for both applicants, provide city and state of birth.
    • Parent Information:​ provide parents' full names including mother's maiden name and state of birth or country if not USA.
    • Social Security Number:​ for both applicants.
    Documentation Required to Obtain License
    • Government Issued Pictured Identification​: for both applicants such as a driver's license or state identification. A passport can be used for pictured identification if one of the following additional pieces of documentation is included to show residency. (Michigan Title & Vehicle Registration, Voter Registration Card, Pay Stub or W2, or Utility Bill).
    How to Apply
    • Apply in Person: ​applicants may appear in person at the Tuscola County Clerk’s Office​ with the required information, documentation, and amount owed. There is a required 3-day waiting period to obtain the license after you submit your application.
    • Marriage License Application: CLICK HERE for a copy of the marriage license application.
    • Michigan Residents:​ $20.00
    • Out-of-State Residents:​ $30.00
    • Waiver of 3-day period:​ $10.00
    Time Constraint Requirements
    • Waiting Period:​ there is a required 3-day waiting period to obtain a license after submitting an application. To be granted a waiver for the 3-day waiting period an additional form must be completed with reason provided explaining need for the waiver and an extra fee of $10.00 will be charged.
    • Application Expiration:​ marriage must take place within 33 days from date of application.
    Genealogy Search


    The Department of Community Health authorizes the County Clerk to restrict access to records or indexes which are determined to be in such a state of deterioration that public use of the index or document may result in damage to the record or index.

    Release of Vital Records, certified copy (MCL 333.2885), requires written request for death, marriage, divorce records that are 75 yrs. old or older, births that are 110 yrs. or older, unless the record is sealed.

    NO TELEPHONE RELEASE of information - ONLY release by mail or in person with a written request (MCL 333.2881). Through the mail - signature MUST be notarized.

    Forms of identification, (MUST contain photo) valid State Identification Card or valid Driver's License.

    Search fee $5.00/per name and is non-refundable, unless a $15.00 Certified Copy is purchased. When ordering a vital record, please provide the date of occurrence, full name of person(s), your relationship to them and a photo copy of your driver's license and notarized signature. If you mail your request, allow 7-10 days for processing. If you would like copies mailed to you, please include a self addressed stamped, business size envelope with your request.

    Circuit Court

    For reporting information, please call 989-672-3770. To submit a request to be excused from jury duty, please email

    Probate Court

    For reporting information, please call 989-673-5918. To submit a request to be excused from jury duty, please email

    Legal Records

    Search and Copy Requests - In order for the Clerk’s office to complete a search request for a Circuit Court case, either Civil or Criminal, please complete the Search Request Form following the instructions included. Once a case number has been obtained, please complete and mail in the Copy Request Form. Please be sure to include a Self Addressed Stamped envelope so any information found can be returned.

    "The law does not permit this court to give legal advice or to assist in the preparation of legal papers. MCL 600.916(1)"

    Records civil/criminal - 989-672-3775

    As constitutional clerk of the 54th Judicial Circuit Court, this office has various functions and responsibilities. The office provides record-keeping and support services for the courts. All Circuit Court cases are maintained through this office. The files are the official record of the court and are utilized by the judiciary and made available for public inspection. The clerk's office also processes felony criminal cases bound over from the 71B District Court.

    Civil Cases

    Civil cases include all appeals from district court and removal from district court, civil damage suits which include personal injury, auto negligence, medical malpractice and other damage suits. Other civil matters which include business claims, contract and others. Process appeals from other agencies such as Probate Court, MESC and drivers license restoration cases.

    Domestic Relations

    Domestic relations which include divorces, paternity and general family matters. Forms are available at the Friend of the Court office at 440 S. State St. Caro, MI 48723. (989-673-3780)

    Personal Protection Orders are also filed in the County Clerk's office. Forms for filing a PPO and assistance in the completion of them can be obtained from Victims Assistance in the Sheriff's office. (989) 673-8161 ext. 8 or 2250

    Circuit Court Fees
    • Civil Cases $150
    • FOC Judgement Fees $80
    • Petition for driver's restoration $150
    • Appeal from Circuit Court $25
    • Jury Fee $85
    • Motion fee for open case $20
    • Motion fees for closed cases:
      1. -Standard motion $20
      2. -Child support motion $60
      3. -Parentint time or domicile etc. $100
    • Bar admission $25
    • Subpoena/writs $15
    • Fee for copies of documents from Circuit Court files are $1 per page
    • Certified documents are $10 for the 1st page and $1 per each additional pages
    • True copies are $1 per page
    Veterans Discharge (DD214)

    When a veteran is discharged from any branch of the military it is recommended the DD214 papers be filed with the local county clerk's office. These are not for public inspection. There is no fee for this service. At any time the veteran may get certified copies of his/her DD214 free of charge.

    Notary Public

    A Notary Public's job is to certify that the person(s) signing a document in front of him/her has produced the proper legal identification proving that they are said person.

    Application Requirements and Procedure
    • Can read and write English.
    • Must be 18 years of age.
    • U.S. citizen or possess proof of legal presence and a resident of the county in which you request appointment or maintain a principal place of business.
    • No felony or misdemeanor convictions or violations, as specified by law and not be imprisoned in any state, county or federal correctional facility.
    • File a $10,000 surety bond with the County Clerk (available through insurance agencies or bonding companies), if applicable. Attorneys licensed in Michigan who are in good standing do not need a bond.
    • Complete the Application for Notary Public. Click here for the Application.
    • There is a $10 application fee to the County Clerk.
    • The County Clerk will administer an oath of office and a declaration for applicant signature to verify that you have complied with all requirements and that all information on your application is correct, that you have read and understand the laws and that you will perform all notary acts faithfully.
    • Applicant will send completed application (and an additional $10 check payable to "State of Michigan") to:
    • Michigan Department of State
    • Office of the Great Seal
    • 7064 Crowner Drive
    • Lansing MI 48918
    • (888) 767-6424
    • Notification of appointment will be mailed directly to you by the Secretary of State.

    Please note - you may not act as a notary public until the Secretary of State sends you your commission.

    Vital Records Check

    Tuscola County Clerk (Vital Records) does not accept credit cards for online orders; however, for your convenience, you can process online requests through an independent company that we have partnered with to provide you this service; VitalChek Network, Inc. VitalChek can be reached either through its website, or by phone at 1-800-255-2414. An additional fee is charged by VitalChek for using this service, and all major credit cards are accepted, including American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® or Visa®.

    Vital Records

    Marriage Certificates - New

    One of the parties must reside in Tuscola County. If both parties are non-residents of Michigan, they must apply in the county in which the marriage is to be performed. One of the parties must apply in person.

    Eighteen is the legal age for marrying without parental consent or 16 with parental consent. Parents, or the custodial parent decreed by divorce, must accompany 16 or 17 year old applicants. These applicants must provide a certified copy of their birth certificate; parental identification is also required.

    The fee is $20 if one or both parties are Michigan residents or $30 if both parties are out-of-state residents. Applicants may pay by cash, personal check, money order or debit/credit card.

    A three-day waiting period is required after applying before the license may be issued and used. A marriage license is void unless the marriage is performed within 33 days from the date of the application. This license may be used only in Michigan.

    Click here to print and fill out a form containing all necessary information to obtain a marriage license

    Marriage Certificates - Search

    Marriage certificates are filed in the county where the marriage occured. A marriage certificate can be obtained for a married that occured in Tuscola County. If you mail your search request, please allow 7-10 days for processing.

    Click here for the marriage certificate search request form

    Click here for the marriage certificate verification form

    Birth Certificates - Search

    Requests must be for persons born in Tuscola County.

    Birth records are closed to the public. You can only obtain a birth certificate for yourself, your child, or if you are a descendant or heir of the deceased.

    Individuals may appear in person or send a written request to obtain copies. If you appear in person, picture identification is required and copies will be made while you wait. If you mail your request, allow 7-10 days for processing. Please provide your full name, date of birth, city of birth, father’s full name, mother’s full name including maiden name, phone number, a photo copy of your drivers license, and your full legal signature notarized.

    Click here for the birth certificate search request form Click here for the birth certificate verification form

    Death Certificates - Search

    Death certificates are filed in the county where the death occurred. A death certificate can be obtained for anyone who died in Tuscola County. If you mail your request allow 7-10 days for processing. Please provide date of death and full name of deceased.

    Click here for the death certificate search request form Click here for the birth certificate verification form

    Fees for Vital Records

    The fee is $15.00 for one certified copy and $5.00 for each additional copy of the same certificate purchased at the same time. The fee for senior citizens requesting their own birth record is $14.00 for the first copy and $5.00 for each additional copy.

    Please send a money order and a self addressed, stamped envelope to Tuscola County Clerk when ordering by mail. Cash, money order, personal checks and debit/credit cards are accepted when appearing in person.

    Tuscola County